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In your face grown ups!

I’ve always envied Peter Pan and yet somehow I’ve managed to hit my thirties, become a mummy (to 2 absolutely BRILLIANT kiddos) and set up a business. How did all of this happen, so sneakily, without so much as a warning?

I’ve managed to avoid becoming too grown up so far. Obviously there’s a certain amount of growing up that simply has to be done, when you find yourself with an actual tiny baby inside your ACTUAL WOMB! But, apart from the essential growing up-ness of motherhood, I seem to be avoiding it superbly.


Anyhoo, I’ve decided that my incredible levels of disorganisation could soar to breath-taking new heights if I add a blog on to my never ending list of things to do. So here goes.

This blog will follow my mission: To earn enough pennies to get a house for me and my kids, with a slide next to the stairs, a room dedicated to painty sewy crafty fun, and chickens in the garden.

Time to summon up some serious MUMMY POWER!

Wish me luck